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Published January 27, 2017

I’ve taken a look at some of these altgov Twitter accounts to give a brief review of what they’re doing. The courageous men and women running these accounts are engaging in unprecedented level of bipartisan resistance by transmitting information to the public that would otherwise be suppressed. They have been brought to this point by the Trump Administration, which is hostile like no other before it to science, the environment, liberty, grace, public safety, national security, decency, and the rule of law. Instead, the Trump Administration is engaging in a pattern of denial of access to information that is almost Soviet in its scale and scope.

UPDATE 2/4/2017: The original rogue Badlands National Park account has been, along with some other rogue government accounts, informing the American public about new legislation that is adverse to the public welfare, letting us know which legislators to contact, and how. As a result, they were, along with other elements of the Resistance, successful in getting out the word to enough people that Rep. Jason Chaffetz withdrew HB 621, which was characterized as a bill designed to get rid of “excess federal land” so it could be sold to developers, loggers, mining companies, and oil companies.

@BadHombreNPS also links to scripts that allow people to understand why the legislation is harmful and communicate this to the relevant lawmaker.

It is through the Badlands that some of us have learned today, for the very first time, of a bill fronted yesterday to terminate the EPA.

I haven’t had a chance to review all these sites. And, upon reflection, I won’t. There are so many of them, now. Instead, I will be posting about fact-checking in a couple of weeks. These reviews are accurate as of January 27, 2017.

There is now an alt-EPA climate-change website, per Sierra Club.
@BadHombreNPS. Badlands National Park. Continues to disseminate science. Great resource.
@ActualEPAFacts. Environmental Protection Agency. Today they tweeted about the dangers of fracking. Good diagram. Good info about climate change.
@altUSEPA. Environmental Protection Agency. Currently selling a T-shirt. Didn’t know that Badlands National Park started altgov resistance.
@alternativeNWS. National Weather Service. Finding its footing. Tweeting about climate change, though.
@altUSDA. United States Department of Agriculture. Informed Twitterverse of the altEPA website. Shared place for whistleblowers to turn to. Some climate change data. I really couldn’t tell what the USDA does from the information in this account.
@altUSDA_ARS. United States Department of Agriculture–Agricultural Research Service. There was some stuff about The Wall and how Mexico is the top market for US rice. The climate change information is available at other sites. They did rapidly send me this fact sheet about organic farming when I asked.

@RoguePOTUSStaff. “The unofficial resistance team inside the White House”
It is hard to tell whether they are for real or not, for obvious reasons. They do disseminate useful information about other altgov sites and important news articles.

@Alt_CDC. Centers for Disease Control. Tweeting about how vaccines save lives.
@alt_fda. Food and Drug Administration. Discussed how vaping can be more dangerous than regular cigarette smoking.
@Alt_NASA. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Memorial about the Apollo 1 tragedy. Education about NASA’s mission. Good science. Excellent alt site.
@Alt_DeptofED. Department of Education. Advocacy for education and for school districts. A little heavy on the grizzly memes, but we can all certainly understand why that is.
@alt_doj. Department of Justice. Focus on refugee issue.
@altFBI. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Focus on refugee issue.
@alt_labor. Department of Labor. Good source of relevant information.
@alt_treasury. Department of Treasury. Nothing there, yet. They say nothing’s happened to the real site, though.
@AltTreasuryDept. Department of Treasury. Same.
@AltForestServ. US Forest Service. Finding its way.
@altUSFWS. US Fish and Wildlife Service. If you want information about endangered species, this is a great account. Good information about how to call legislators.
@alt_FAA. Federal Aviation Administration. Good information about relevant issues about flight safety, cool pictures, information about planes.
@NatlSciService. Not an altgov account but I got more information about what the US Forest Service actually does from this account than I did from the @AltForestServ account.
@altNOAA. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Not a source of science or information about what is happening inside the agency.
@altusda. US Department of Agriculture. Nothing about the USDA.
@AltUSGS. US Geological Survey. This account is gone.
@AltYosemiteNPS. Yosemite National Park. Great resource. Information about the park, about science, about the mission of the NPS. There was good information here that I hadn’t seen on the other sites.
@AltBLM. Bureau of Land Management. Great account. Gives a sense of BLM’s mission, all things Trumpian that can affect it, and great photos.
@NatParkUndrgrnd. National Park Service. Tweet containing picture of Kermit the Frog and link to him singing. Photos of animals. Some funny stuff. Some politics.
@ROGUE_USBGN. US Board of Geographic Names.
@NotAltWorld National Park Service
@RogueNASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
@ungaggedEPA Environmental Protection Agency
@Alt_NIH National Institutes of Health
@AlternativeNWS National Weather Service
@AltFedCyberz “Cyberresistant reporting about how “The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough.”
@AltHHS Health and Human Services
@AltNatParkSer/@NotAltWorld National Park Service
@AltStateDpt US Department of State
@ALT_USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
@NpsKatmai Katmai National Park and Preserve

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