Karin Cather

Editor & Ghostwriter

Editor of forensic reports and police procedurals, true crime, crime thrillers, and dystopian and science fiction

Ghostwriter of police procedurals, true crime, crime thrillers, and dystopian and science fiction.

As a former prosecutor who is trained to listen to how people tell their stories, I learned to play close attention to how they say things as well as what they say. I can help with dialogue, characterization, and storytelling. A jury trial is essentially a way to tell a group of people from different backgrounds about a thing that happened. It might be a simple event that took moments and caused ripples of grief and harm or a complicated event that involved months or years of planning and many people to execute. I combine the skills gleaned from my 13 years as a prosecutor and 4 years as a child welfare attorney and my training and experience as an editor to help you tell your story to your audience accurately and effectively.

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If you are ready to take your work to the next level

As an experienced book editor, I bring my skills as a trial lawyer to bear when I help your book be the best that it can be. If your novel has fight scenes or involves police procedures, law, forensic psychology, or serious mental illness, I can help make sure to add realism to your writing and make sure that there aren’t serious factual errors or plot holes in your book. This is especially true if you are writing violence.

I also edit psychological forensic reports, medicolegal reports, journal articles in selected disciplines, and memoir and autobiography.

Or perhaps you have a story in mind or a dynamite concept, but the idea of writing the book yourself is an overwhelming idea. I can ghostwrite the book for you. The book will be your book with your ideas in your voice.

In order to be effective, your book has to grab the reader from the very first sentence and flow seamlessly until the last page. In between, the reader needs to stay engaged. I can help flag those parts of your book that involve loose ends, tangents, or inconsistencies.

Even nonfiction—from forensic psychological reports to journal articles—has to be readable, clear, and organized, with no significant mechanical errors.

I have accompanied police on search warrants, observed autopsies, and been to countless crime scenes. I’ve prosecuted homicides, robberies, animal cruelty, drug offenses, and many others. I also specialized in insanity defense cases.

I can help your book be as realistic and professional as possible.

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