Karin Cather

Editor & Ghostwriter

Editor of forensic reports and police procedurals, true crime, crime thrillers, and dystopian and science fiction

Ghostwriter of police procedurals, true crime, crime thrillers, and dystopian and science fiction.

If you’ve landed on this page, you are looking for an editor. As your editor, I understand how important it is to preserve your voice and your story. I know how to make sure your book follows “the rules,” but I also know when a novel can depart from them.

I edit detective fiction, dystopian fiction, selected fantasy works, science fiction, and speculative fiction. I also edit forensic psych reports and memoirs written by first responders, healthcare professionals, police officers and detectives, and lawyers.

You may just want your book edited for grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation, but there is so much more I can do to help your book shine.

If you write violence, I can assess it using my skills as a black belt in Krav Maga to make sure those scenes don’t have people shaking their heads. By “fight scenes,” I mean those involving weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. Whether your character is fighting a bad guy or a space alien, those scenes still have to grip the reader, not put them off.

If your story involves criminal investigation, I can edit it in light of my background as a former prosecutor.

But you may not be here for an edit. Perhaps you have a story in mind or a dynamite concept, but the idea of writing the book yourself is an overwhelming idea. I can ghostwrite the book for you. The book will be your book with your ideas in your voice.

Please note that I do not use AI in my work, nor do I accept projects created using AI.

Check out my Services or Ghostwriting FAQs page for more information on how I can help.

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